Sungai Lembing:

About 16 kilometers from Sungai Lembing is Gunung Tapis, the 18th highest mountain in the peninsula at 4, 957 feet.

A favorite challenge for climbing and trekking enthusiasts while in Pahang, the immediate vicinity in which Gunung Tapis resides is a well-kept nature park with camping areas, hot springs, white water challenge in its fast-flowing rivers and great fishing, especially for the much-sought after kelah (Malaysian mahseer).

Although compared to other mountains, taking on Gunung Tapis may not be an overwhelming undertaking to the experienced climber, it is best not to underrate Mother Nature and take extra precautions. The trek to the summit trek is very challenging and is uphill all the way from the trailhead.
High fitness level is necessary and trekking hours will be quite long through the undulating trail. Get an experienced guide and always tell the officers at the police station at Sungei Lembing before you start the climb.

The view from the top is quite breath taking. Most of the time all you can ever see is a sea of white clouds obscuring the view of the lowlands, with occasional breaks to reveal the surrounding terrain. On a clear day, you can see Gunung Tahan in the distance. The temperature at the peak can range between 18 to 8 degrees Celsius, depending on the time of day.

The sunset from the peak is great and on the way up you will come across a grove of miniature-like trees dubbed by climbers as the bonsai garden. The stunted appearance of the treks and shrubs is due to the relentless gust of wind that blows against the hillside.

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By Car
From Kuala Lumpur, use the East Coast Highway to get to Kuantan and the drive takes about three hours. Exit at Kuantan Toll Plaza, turn right at the first traffic lights and follow the directions on the signboard. Sungai Lembing is about 30 minutes drive away. An hourly bus service is available from the Kuantan bus terminal.
Travel Tips:
Do not miss the local cuisine,called lembing noodle. It is with ordinary noodles taste different, it is slightly sweet and very special.

**In Sungai Lembing town, you can ask about four-wheel drive transfer service at the local teahouse. They can take you to Rainbow Waterfalls, a mini hot spring and river and so on.
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